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Our board members are elected on a yearly basis from July 1 through the following June 30th. If you are interested in running for a board position, or would like to get more involved in planning our activities, parties & community service projects please contact the President at

We also have many other coordinator positions that offer the opportunity to get involved in Moms Club and showcase your talents to make MOMS Club Ridgefield South/Redding the best that it can be.

Board Members 2009-2010
Flo P. President
Keri C. Administrative Vice President
Amanda M. Membership Vice President
Jennifer S. Treasurer
Katherine A. Secretary

Amy M. Activities Coordinator
Erin L. Sunshine Service Coordinator
Kim C. Website Coordinator
Megan S. Playgroup Coordinator
Heather H. Advertising Coordinator
Jennifer B. Newsletter Coordinator
Lauren M. Moms Night Out Coordinator
Victoria E. Arts & Crafts Coordinator
Shannon C. Field Trip Coordinator
Shannon C. Public Relations

Open Positions
Special Events/Party Coordinator


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